Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is a mentoring program offered to first-year student- athletes at Lafayette College.

The Peer mentor Program, sponsored by the Department of Athletics and founded in 1996, is a mentoring program offered to first-year student-athletes at Lafayette College.

The purpose of the program is to guide and assist first-year student athletes in adjusting to the rigors of college life while participating in intercollegiate athletics

Peer Mentors are upper-class student athletes who have undergone an interview and selection process. These student leaders attend extensive training in working with their peers and are closely monitored and supervised by the Coordinator for Student Athlete Support Services.


  1. Deal with all aspects of a student’s transition to college in order to increase academic success
  2. Are a positive role model
  3. Provide Academic Enhancement Workshops for first year athletes
  4. Provide weekly contact between assigned students and mentors
  5. Provide weekly reports to ATTIC and coaches
  6. Advise students of the resources available at Lafayette

2013- 2014 Peer Mentors

Justin Adams 2015 MFB
Brittany Blass 2015 WFH
Bradford Bormann 2014 MFB
Sacha Broccard 2014 MSW
Karissa Ciliento 2014 WVB
Ryan Dodds 2015 MSO
Kaitlin Elander 2015 WLA
Kristin Heaney 2014 WFH
Seth Hinrichs 2015 MBB
Damarcus Ingram 2015 MFB
Haley Keenan 2014 WFH
Tim Lazor 2015 MBA
Tom McCutcheon 2015 MSO
Sarah Moult 2016 WVB
Madeleine Peabody 2015 WBB
Juannell Riley 2015 MTR
Katy Rooney 2015 WVB
Cory Scheuerle 2015 MLA
Leslie Smith 2014 MBB
Cory Spera 2015 MBA
Rachael Trupp 2014 WSB
Andrew Warshauer 2015 MCC/MTR
Anna Wissler 2016 WSO
Lindsay Yang 2014 WLA


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