Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

The ATTIC provides FREE academic-support services for most Lafayette courses.


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a student-led, collaborative learning opportunity  available for many academically demanding courses.  The SI leader is a student who previously excelled in the course and works closely with the course professor to design materials and review sessions that support student learning.  Students, who regularly participate in SI, learn how to integrate course content and study strategies while working  with their classmates.  Refer to the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for the current courses offered. SI is the academic-support service for students enrolled in the listed courses.  SI leaders provide Drop-In Tutoring during designated hours.


The ATTIC coordinates most of the tutoring support with the exception of the College Writing Program, Calculus Cavalry, the Foreign Language & Literature Resource Center, and the Minority Scientists and Engineers tutoring program.  Group tutoring and individual tutoring support are available for most Lafayette courses. We ask that you please review the following support services before completing a tutor request form.

  • Writing  – Students needing assistance with a writing course or the writing process should visit the College Writing Center.  Visit the College Writing Program for hours, location, and services.
  • Math – The math department runs a free tutoring service for students in Math 125, 141, 161, 162, 263, and 186 (Applied Statistics). Drop in for help at Pardee 218. Visit Calculus Cavalry for days and hours.
  • Drop-in Tutoring –  Drop-in Tutoring is available for a variety of courses.  Visit the Drop-in Tutoring Schedule for a current course listing, drop-in tutoring days, hours, and locations.
  • All other requests – If your tutoring needs do not fall into one of the categories listed above, please complete the Tutor Request Form.

ATTIC Events

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