The Coordinator for Student Athlete Support Services will work with student athletes and coaches in helping monitor grades and make referrals when necessary. All Student Athletes must go through the Academic Tutoring and Training Information Center (ATTIC) when making schedule adjustments, such as dropping and adding courses or course withdrawal. This will ensure that students are aware of how changes to schedules will impact financial aid packages, eligibility, and athletic participation

Progress Reports

Each student athlete in the Peer Mentoring program will automatically have academic progress reports sent to each instructor after the 5th week of classes. Additional students may be monitored upon the coach’s request. These reports are generated and sent through the ATTIC and the Office of the Dean of the College.

Mid-Term Grades

The Coordinator for Student Athlete Support Services will also receive a report from the registrar’s office after mid-term grades are posted. Mid-term grades are given only to those students who have a grade of a “D” or lower. These reports are then forwarded to the coaches.

“The ATTIC gives tremendous support to the members of our team. The study skills workshops and peer mentoring program help our first-year players get adjusted to being a Division I student-athlete in a very competitive academic setting. The ATTIC helps the student who needs to improve his academic standing, but many of our best students use their services as well.”
-Dennis Bohn, head coach of men’s soccer